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15 November 2016

Dream Italian? Think Italian. Be Italian! (2nd Time Around)

Still continuing to dream my impossible dream. This blog post - Dream Italian? Think Italian. Be Italian! - (1st published in 2015) enjoys popularity, no matter where it is shared. That lets me know there are lots of people who probably dream of vacationing or even living in Italy.

Assuming that's true, I decided to go a 2nd time around and supplement the content for my original post with some additional information found at the HUBPages writing community.  Currently, my writer's profile shows 20 HUBs (or articles). However the only one that comes close to the topic of Italy is the one titled The Seven Kings of Rome

Here are some suggested reads published by my fellow HUBBERs that you are sure to enjoy.
Travel to Italy with them!

How to Be Italian

How to Be Italian

Venice; A Brief History of a Unique City, and the First Impressions of a Visiting Tourist

Venice; A Brief History of a Unique City, and the First Impressions of a Visiting Tourist

Lecce - Italy's Best Kept Secret

Lecce - Italy's Best Kept Secret

Verona, Italy: A City for Lovers of Architecture

Verona, Italy: A City for Lovers of Architecture

Naples, Italy: Great Food at a Cheap Price!

Naples, Italy: Great Food at a Cheap Price!

03 October 2016

Texas Real Estate: Corsicana, Texas

Corsicana is an oil town in Texas. 

It survived both the Great Depression and the World Wars, as the oil business was the foundation of the town's economy. Corsicana is home to Collin Street Bakery and Wolf Brand Chili.

Moving forward, 1956 to today, Corsicana has experienced steady growth. In 1985, Corsicana was designated as an official Texas Main Street City. The Texas Main Street Program is part of the Texas Historical Commission's Community Heritage Development Division.

Current Mayor Chuck McClanahan, born and raised in Corsicana, is quoted as saying: "It's a New Day in Corsicana." He believes Corsicana offers Corsicana offers the best of both worlds “ city-ease and country-style.

[Never been to Corsicana myself. But I know some good folks from there! ]

2014 Photo The Old Jail, now (in 2014) a private residence in Corsicana, Texas Location: Corsicana, Texas

Corsicana Daily Sun:
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For Your Information: If You Like Fruit Cake!

11 July 2016

Films to Inspire You to Travel

Used to travel on official government business when I was a civil servant. Because my kids were young and my husband worked for himself, it was easy to arrange my work travel around the summer time when the kids were not in school.  Part of me misses the fun and excitement of seeing new places when traveling.

Another part of me is glad to stay at home, since many things have happened to not make traveling "safe" and there is an added layer of stress. 
Also, there are no funds allotted for travel in my budget.
But if you can't afford to travel, there are definitely other ways to satisfy your wanderlust or vacation dreams . Always looking for foreign film recommendations anyway. Found this list. It is a great list to satisfy both of my ardent desires. 

More links if you have a travel “itch” you need to “scratch”:

Content first appeared at Persona Paper, Jan 2016.

18 July 2015

Dream Italian? Think Italian. Be Italian!


Did you know:
  • Italy is shaped like a boot!
  • Italy has the lowest birthrate in all of Europe. How strange since Italian families are so large! Italians live a very long time! They consume 66 pounds of pasta and 60 litres of wine a year!
  • Naples introduced the world to pizza!
  • In Ivrea they celebrate Lent by throwing oranges at each other.
  • Everyday 3,000 Euro get thrown into the Trevi Fountain.
  • Florence Nightingale was named for the city of her birth.
  • Rome is known as the “Eternal City” and the “Caput Mundi”.
Read more at:
Fun Facts on Italy

Also, did you know that Italy is a country of choice for some expatriates. I did not know that. I thought all expatriates moved to The Bahamas. Of course, in my narrow-minded way of thinking, I was only thinking that it was Americans who were choosing to expatriate. There are people who live in other countries who choose to leave their homelands too. Shocking, I know! You’d think it’s was only the Americans who would become disgruntled. We’re such big babies. We complain about everything and never count our blessings. Some of US. Not all. I’m not considering expatriation and don’t think I ever will. I don’t care what Rick Steves says, he is not gonna make a convert out of me!!! :) But since Italy invented pizza*, I think it reasonable to place this country on a list of “Possible Countries to Live In as an Expat and/or At Least Go On Vacation There”.

(* Per one source.  Another source says it was the Persians.  Me?  Just happy it was invented!  See my Google+ Collection:  PIZZA Craving.)
Read more at:

Fun & Interesting Facts about the Culture in Italy

Wherever you go - BE SAFE and HAPPY VACATIONING!!

* * *
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