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14 November 2015

Ornithologist? Nah! Ordinary Bird Lover - Persona Paper

We can't all be qualified ornithologists.

But it's easy for anybody to be a bird lover!

Learned about the red cardinal, the blue jay, the robin, the mockingbird, the parrot, the toucan, the flamingo, etc. in elementary school. Additionally, in Miami, Florida, my hometown, there's a place called Parrot Jungle ... Correction: There used to be a place. Now it's called Jungle Island [formerly Parrot Jungle]. Anyway it's a tourist attraction and a great place to take kids on an educational field trip.

If you're ever in South Florida and you're traveling with young kids, this is fun! Been a while since my family's last visit. For a more current review, click here .

My love for these wonderful creatures has not diminished one iota over the years. My learning continues and started collecting photographs for sharing on Pinterest .

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Ornithologist? Nah! Ordinary Bird Lover - Persona Paper

Songbird's Rest Birdbath by Campania International
Made from cast stone, this is a lovely birdbath out on your veranda or accenting a stone bench. Very sturdy and durable, the smooth style of this bird bath makes it a lovely accent.

19 July 2015

Memories are Blessings

"Count your Blessings" is a familiar Christian hymn that encourages people not to focus on the negatives and count all the Things they can be thankful for; all the good things in life they've been blessed to experience. Try it.

(Image:  The Torch of Friendship at Bayside Park, Miami, Florida)

Growing up in Miami , Florida, there was good eating all around me. My main sources for everyday meals was: my mother's cooking, church dinners prepared by faithful sisters, and a a sweet little old gray-haired lady who owned and operated a restaurant around the corner from my house called "Mom's Cafe". I never knew her name because everybody called her "mom". Those women really knew how to serve up the love! Huge plates of pigeon peas and rice, potato salad, collard greens, black eye peas, fried chicken; sweet potato pie for dessert.

As I grew into a teenager and young adult, started working part-time while pursuing my education; had a little pocket change so occasionally I could go out to eat. Downtown Miami and particularly Calle Ocho (8th Street), there were spots where you could chow down on delicious Cuban food: sweet fried plantains, black beans and rice, vaca frita, or a toasty Cuban sandwich. Kosher food delicatessens and restaurants run by the Jews on Miami Beach were the best! The soups, sandwiches, and desserts were outrageous! That was just lunch! Of course, no major city is complete if you can't find good Chinese food. Miami is a major city with places that have award-winning Chinese cuisine.

Getting close now to my threescore an ten (70 years, the average life expectancy). When I count my blessing over the years, the list has grown and grown and grown. There are a lot of add-ons. But the list always includes that one great memory from my childhood. Good food!

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This book is a 1993 publication but it reminds me of home.

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The Torch of Friendship at Bayside Park, Miami, Florida
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