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14 November 2015

Ornithologist? Nah! Ordinary Bird Lover - Persona Paper

We can't all be qualified ornithologists.

But it's easy for anybody to be a bird lover!

Learned about the red cardinal, the blue jay, the robin, the mockingbird, the parrot, the toucan, the flamingo, etc. in elementary school. Additionally, in Miami, Florida, my hometown, there's a place called Parrot Jungle ... Correction: There used to be a place. Now it's called Jungle Island [formerly Parrot Jungle]. Anyway it's a tourist attraction and a great place to take kids on an educational field trip.

If you're ever in South Florida and you're traveling with young kids, this is fun! Been a while since my family's last visit. For a more current review, click here .

My love for these wonderful creatures has not diminished one iota over the years. My learning continues and started collecting photographs for sharing on Pinterest .

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Ornithologist? Nah! Ordinary Bird Lover - Persona Paper

Songbird's Rest Birdbath by Campania International
Made from cast stone, this is a lovely birdbath out on your veranda or accenting a stone bench. Very sturdy and durable, the smooth style of this bird bath makes it a lovely accent.

08 May 2015

Exotic Fruit: Pomegranates

Grew up in Miami, South Florida, which is just a 30-minute plane ride to The Bahamas. Both places have a wonderful array of all kinds of fruit – some people say tropical fruit, some say exotic fruit – no matter! It's fruit like sugar apples, star fruit, etc. and they are exquisitely delicious. 

But one of the fruits that I find the most enjoyable doesn't grow in either places. POMEGRANATES! I really love pomegranates. Did you know this fruit has a very interesting history?

(P.S. When you arrive at the page, scroll all the way down to find out where to get a recipe for Pomegranate Christmas Cake and I hope you will support the inclusion of pomegranates in the traditional Thanksgiving cornucopia by voting PRO in the Poll.)
Pomegranate Fruits. Español: Una granada, frut...

Pomegranate Fruits.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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26 March 2015

Tropical Conch Salad Recipe | SparkRecipes

So very excited to share this wonderful variation of a Bahamian dish that defines my life, growing up in Miami, Florida. It never occurred to me to make these changes to the classic recipe by adding two delightfully sweet ingredients - mango and pineapple.  Need to get your serving of fruits and vegetables?  Try this!

Tropical Conch Salad Recipe | SparkRecipes

EES shares recipes, cooking tips
and all things foodie!


25 June 2014

The Flavor of Miami: My Childhood Memory

English: Panoramic image of South Beach, the s...
English: Panoramic image of South Beach, the southern end of Miami Beach in Miami, Florida Español: Imagen panorámica de South Beach, la punta más sur de Miami Beach en Miami, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A memory of growing up in Miami, Florida? Good food all around me.

This suggested book is a 1993 publication but it reminds me of home.  Hope you enjoy reading the post.

Miami Spice: The New Florida Cuisine

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