Castles in the USA

Vacationing in the USA? Concerned that you'll miss out those wonderful European castles? Guess you don't know you can stay in a castle fit for royalty … stateside! 

* Here are 7 splendidly regal US castles. *

Below is a sampling of the available properties.
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(P.S. European castles are also available.  If interested click here.)

1. Castles and California dreaming
~ Laguna Hills Castle with views of the Saddleback Mountains

2. Magical moments in New Hampshire
~ A Gothic Castle - Shades of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

3. Soak up the sun in Ft. Lauderdale ~ You won't even miss Buckingham Palace.

Tiny castles images found at

♦ 4. Tudor-style castle in West Elmira, New York

♦ 5. Victorian-style castle in Ventura County, Southern California

♦ 6. Luxurious castle in Palmyra, Illinois, with a King Midas room and a princess room

♦ 7. French chateau-style castles located on nearly six acres along Virginia’s Smith Mountain Lake

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